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Before we start the lists, I want to make sure that everyone who thinks they might want to use these lists realizes that these are patterns and suggestions. You will have to fill in the blank, so to speak, with your own household requirements to make them work. You can use as many of my suggestions as you like, but leave out the ones that you can’t use. Then this will truly be a tool to assist you and not a list of things you have to do to be a good housekeeper!I am using my friend Glenys’ list of things she needs done each day for examples. You use your own duties and make your own lists.

First List

Make a list of what absolutely has to be done daily. For Glenys it is….

beds clean
toilets and bathrooms clean
dishes and kitchen area clean
clothes clean

What You Will Need
A Bottle of alcohol or spray on cleaner
Hot soapy water and cleaning rags
Broom or vacuum

Get up and get dressed, make your bed, get breakfast
Run a sink of hot soapy water, but not too full. You will add to this throughout the day and put dirty dishes in it through the day.
Make a bowl of hot soapy cleaning water and sit it on the counter, get yourself a cleaning rag.

Bring clothes to laundry room
Start a load
Rinse and put breakfast dishes into soak.


Change out laundry, start another load, etc.
Sit down to fold clothes, stack them in your laundry basket.

Wipe down countertops and appliances if needed
Prepare lunch
Put lunch dishes in to soak

Rest. Plan your weekly menu.

Pour cleaner into the commode.
Run a sink of hot water in the bathroom and add cleaner to soak.
Apply your cleaner to the tub and allow to soak.

Rest. Make your grocery list.

Rinse out the commode, sink and tub if needed. Sweep the floor in the bathroom.

The dishes will need little more than a hot rinse at this point. Rinse them off and stack to dry or put them in your dishwasher to run. The hot soapy water cleans them while they soak and the less you have to move them around, the less tired you will be while fixing supper.

Start supper. If you are finding that this is a difficult day, use paper plates and cups. If you don’t use paper, then just rinse the dishes and put them into soak, or have a family member do it after the meal.

Wipe down the counters as you cook. Clean the stove as you go, rag in one hand, spoon in the other smile.gif
If you are not using paper, rinse and soak the supper dishes. You can rinse them tomorrow morning. You can put away dry dishes tomorrow too. © 2007 Sylvia Britton of Christian HomeKeeper: used with permission

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. Proverbs 11:14

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